Woman left mortified after job interview mix-up sees her offered stripper job

A woman has revealed she bagged a job as a stripper after accidentally walking into an interview – and had to pretend she changed her mind when they called her up.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said she was looking for a new local haunt when she stumbled across a venue she had never seen before.

The building had surprisingly little advertising and there were no clues on the outside as to what the building was for, so she went in to investigate and spoke to a tall blonde woman inside.

The woman said she saw a few poles and pictures of topless women, but being ’18, stupid, and clueless’ she thought nothing of it and befriended the woman from the venue.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman said: “She had the whole pimp vibe, but I wanted to ‘sound cool’ so I told her that I lived nearby, was thinking about hanging out there sometime, and asked for more information about the place.

“She looked at me from head to toe three times before asking ‘how old are you?’ She invited me inside to get to know the place and her business partner. I thought I was going to get free drinks or something and decided to go with the flow.

“This is where I should have guessed what was really happening because as I got inside I could see some posters of half-naked people and a stage with poles.”

The woman said that she was then introduced to the manager as ‘the lovely young girl who wanted to know more about the club’, and was left alone with him.

She then answered all the questions, said why yes, she did like to dance, and left her details before walking out – and that’s when the realisation hit.

She continued: “He asked me to sit down as he asked questions like if I did drugs and other super personal stuff. I was confused but only when he asked to see my ID I realised that I was in a job interview.

“I was paralysed and had no idea what to do, so I just gave him my ID and after a good look he told me the club was closed for a renovation, but there would be a big reopening in a month so they were looking for dancers and ‘maybe more depending on my performance’ so if I could just leave my contact information they would give me a call.

“I wrote down my real name and number on a piece of paper and got out of there actually thanking him for his time and feeling like the dumbest person on earth.

“The woman at the door asked how it was, to which I replied, ‘it was great, see you later’ and left feeling even dumber. They called me a couple of weeks later and I just said I was not interested anymore and that was the end of it.”