Mum left in stitches by daughter’s letter of complaint after being told to wash

Tearing little ones away from screens to get ready for bed is a battle many parents will be familiar with.

It usually results in a temper tantrum that lasts through the bedtime bath, brushing of teeth and into the night on a seemingly endless cycle each day.

But one mum has shared the hilarious way her seven-year-old daughter makes it clear that she has been left disappointed with her standards of parenting – by writing passive-aggressive complaint letter each and every time.

After she asked her daughter to turn off a Disney film to go and wash, she found a letter addressed to her reading: “To Mum, I see you want me to wash but I truly want to watch Moana so we can finish it and you will get to know how it ends because it is truly [word missing]. I should not tell you so you will be able to find out how it ends but I would not want to dispoint you so I will wash.”

Underneath she had drawn two figures, one displaying a sad face alongside the comment ‘How I am feeling’ and a tick, next to a happy face with a cross through it and the message ‘Not how I am feeling’.

Sharing a picture of the carefully crafted card on Reddit, the mum wrote: ‘Whenever our daughter disagrees with a parental decision, we receive these passive aggressive cards’.

Other users saw a strong future for her writing capabilities, as one replied to the post to say: “Her email game at work is going to be fierce.”

A second said: “I don’t fancy her future husband’s chances in arguments.”

A third wrote: “That’s hilarious. Let her off the washing Mum, she needs to watch Moana!”

And another added: “She is awesome. And scary.”