Community of Practice: FAQs

Of course! If you log into the forums you can change your password on your edit profile screen.

No problem. You can visit the password reset page to change or reset your password.

The interactions in the forum are based on the shared activities completed during the kickoff meeting and on the community of practice design principles. Individuals without this background will slow down the COPs momentum. Additionally, the forum is designed to be a safe place to ask questions and to learn without fear of negative judgement.

The forum is the place where members will interact with each other outside meetings and site visits. The forum is where questions are asked and advice and materials are shared.

The school’s principal is responsible for:

  • Requesting addition or removal of team members on the web forum (via the contact us link).
  • Education of new members on the philosophy, expectations, and involvement with the COP.
  • Ensuring each team contains: a school administrator, a student, two teachers, a parent, and a community or industry partner.
  • Keeping your team active and engaged.

Meeting 1 — May 4, 2016 (Completed)
Meeting 2 – September 8, 2016, Details TBD
Meeting 3 – November 17, 2016, Details TBD
Meeting 4 – April 20, 2017, Details TBD
Site visit — Sept 2016 — March 2017_ Host or attend at least one peer visit. Schools will showcase their community to one another at their sites. We encourage the entire team; however, communities will determine who makes the visit and what they learn about.

Each team must have a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 10 participants

  • School administrator – we know that leadership matters.
  • Student – it’s all about the students, they need to be heard.
  • 2 Teachers – key implementers in every school community.
  • Parent – important voice in every school community.
  • Community and/or Industry collaborator – bringing relevance to the classroom
  • Optional – board member, STEM coach, curriculum expert, guidance counselor

Contact the school’s principal. This role determines the team members.

The information provided and the shared activities that took place during the kickoff meeting are vital to experience as part of a community of practice (COP) – therefore new schools are not being accepted. However, once this COP is well on its way, we may initiate a second COP.