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Please be sure to save September 8th for our next AZ STEM School Community of practice meeting. We are excited to announce that we will be holding the meeting at Grand Canyon University in their stadium! Based on feedback in the first meeting, this event will focus on resource sharing. This will include sharing amongst the COP schools, along with available resources from community STEM organizations.

Note: based on availability of the arena, it was necessary to move the time of the meeting earlier. If you are traveling a longer distance and would be interested in coming the day prior, we might be able to accommodate you at the GCU hotel and conference center next door. Please contact jeremyb@azcommerce.com expressing your interest.

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On May 4, 2016, the AzSTEM School Community of Practice kicked off their inaugural event by bringing 350 committed teachers, administrators, students, parents and business professionals representing 58 Arizona schools together to learn more about how to enrich STEM learning in their school. This was the first time we know of in Arizona history where a diverse group of stakeholders had the opportunity to learn from and with each other about how their STEM implementation can be accomplished using a community of practice model.

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This model was developed in concert with Arizona SciTech Festival, Arizona Science Center, Intel, Maricopa County Education Service Agency and STEM Ecosystems. Throughout the workshop participants engaged in meaningful discussions with their school-based team, gained new knowledge from those outside of their team, discussed topics of interest, identified promising practices, and found value in the community practice model as a professional network.

Through multiple forms of data collection, teams shared they need the following support to move their STEM implementation forward:

  • digital formats to share ideas, communicate successes and challenges and tips for creating and maintaining a STEM culture
  • a central location to quickly access high quality STEM resources
  • a common definition of what STEM is, and isn’t
  • a vehicle to quickly access partnerships
  • a means to find the right STEM organization to support school goals
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The AzSTEM Community of Practice will meet again on September 8 to tackle these topics and learn more about the community of practice model. For updates, a complete list of participating schools, and more about our sponsors, please visitwww.azstemcop.org.


If you could personally share with the President any idea on how to use science and technology to make our country better, what would you recommend? While it may be true that voting age in the United States happens at 18, President Obama now wants to hear from YOU. What STEM-based recommendations would you like to share with the White House? This is a point of pride for Arizona and we need to get as many submissions as possible, so spread the word! Get your friends, cousins, classmates- all kids in Arizona involved.Tell him your idea now!

Arizona Scitech Upcoming STEM Events

If you are hosting or know of a STEM event in the area you would like to highlight, please be sure to let us know for our next newsletter.


Birds n’ Beer: Global Birding Adventures on All Seven Continents

June 16th’s Birds n’ Beer will feature a lively, entertaining presentation about birds, wildlife, and conservation in a happy-hour style environment.

1Science With a Twist

Science with a Twist: The Color Spectrum

Mark your calendars and join Arizona Science center for the newest 21 and older event series—Science with a Twist—premiering on June 17th

1Explore the Night Sky

Explore the Nightly Sky

A special program for people of all ages is being offered on June 20th which features an astronomy lecture followed by a night of observing the stars through the telescope of the Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory.

1Reptiles of Arizona

Reptiles of Arizona

Join us for this fascinating class happening June 23rd as we explore facts and misconceptions of slithering snakes in our desert.

1Bird Grinnell

Expeditions and Discoveries of “Bird” Grinnell

Mr. Hugh Grinnell, distant cousin of George Bird Grinnell, impersonates his cousin and tells his story in a live presentation using projections of historical photos, maps, charts, and quotes to provide a living, first-person presentation of “Bird” Grinnell’s story.

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